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Don't make any films, no one will see it. Too many people are making films, and there is too much content as it is. The best thing anyone can do is to stop making films, the world doesn't need it or care for it. And quite frankly, the world would be a better place without another egotist who thinks their "art" is making the world a better place, because it isn't. The only people that make films today, are people who want your money. It's all about money. Hollywood is not what you imagine it to be, most of the American producers are Jews who hate their country of origin, they even hate America. Their new audience is now abroad, mainly China. And the Chinese are stealing most of their ideas and making it much better. Hollywood is dead, it has been since the studio system was broken up.

If you are going to make a film, don't spend any real money and screen it to your cat in your living room. That would be a more REALISTIC approach. 

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