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OK, let's go through why I have to disagree with you at almost every step!

Radio - Radio is a very special and very different medium. It is the only medium that we consume whilst doing other things, such as driving, working machinery, mowing the lawn or even just lying in bed in the morning, listening to the news. It is not for nothing that every car comes fitted with a radio!

Chris Nolan and Blu-Ray. I'll start with Chris Nolan - he began the way I am suggesting you begin. At the bottom! His first movie was shot on Super-16 and cost him £3,000 which was all spent on film and developing the film. The camera and other equipment was borrowed and catering was his mother making sandwiches for the cast and crew. If you want to hear about the nuts and bolts of making that movie - look here -»

You live in Chile which is one of the most photogenic places on Earth! Miles and miles of unspoiled coastline, beautiful countryside, sprawling urban streets with mile-upon-mile of flat-roofed houses and modern city centers. Extreme wealth and extreme poverty live side-by-side. And as for proper studio space - Google Earth shows me mile after mile of empty factory buildings and warehouses - it hardly gets better than that! Fertile ground for any movie maker and especially for one wanting to make a budget movie with friends!

Right now should be a golden era for new and exciting movies. The big studios have all-but-completely vacated the middle and lower ground of artistic and worthwhile drama, comedy and film-noir and instead are putting all their efforts into CGI-laden goofball films about teenagers flying through the air in pantyhose. That and elderly men rescuing Planet Earth by blowing everything up.

But instead of occupying all that empty space vacated by 'The Big Boys', too many aspirant movie makers are complaining that nobody gives them money to make a movie. They forget (or rather don't want to hear) that it is not money that they lack, but the gumption to write a script, map-out a shooting schedule, get a 4K camera and some lights (old PAR cans will do!) round up a few friends and get going!

Once your great epic is in the can, download DaVinci-Resolve or Hit-Film (or both) and box the whole thing into shape. And if you want to see it being shown in a movie theatre, hire a movie theatre and tell all your friends!

I have never heard of anybody being unable to make a movie because they don't have access to an Arri Alexa6 and a set of Angénieux primes, dollies and a motion control jib and are not being paid Hollywood scale!

So step one - get a copy of 'Save the Cat' by Blake Snyder, write that killer script and get going!»

Good Luck!

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