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I find this idea of streaming services completely replacing the theater experience depressing frankly, and im also not sure about it vanishing, radio didn't die after television was invented, more people now listen to radio now than in any other time in history, theater releases didn't perish with the advent of TV either, and i don't think video on demand will kill it either, sure it will undergo some transformations, it must, but the comunal experience of watching something with a bunch of strangers, its something no artist should want to go away, i mean off course there are things i would rather watch at home, i binged through "Chernobyl" at my house and i loved it, but it would depress me to have to watch a Chris Nolan film, for the first time on a blu ray ( let alone on an inferior streaming platform) its a dream of mine to have my work projected in a big screen sometime, i truly appreciate modern platforms like Netflix, Prime, Hulu etc etc, but its not like those platforms are helping us as developing industries, specially when applying a project to one of those platforms you find that they require a lot of technical stuff any normal chilean production can't afford, i relish the idea of being part of this breakthrough generation of filmmakers in my country, setting things right like in fair payments, equal opportunities and such, but its looking more like a fantasy than a real possibility.

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