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its indeed an interesting question, of "why hollywood", but i guess its what most of us outsiders think when we fantasize about our ideal set, or maybe even just being able to make a living out of this, Chile, my home country, its one that just now its sort of starting to spawn a "film industry", over the last years a couple of "our" films have been nominated for oscars, a couple have won best animated short and best foreign film respectively, despite this the government is further removing the few monetary backings for film projects, so even when our "industry" seems to be at its brightest, its still indeed a grim picture for any of us who wish to work in film, right now getting any gig of any sort, film, documentary, corporate its nigh-impossible unless you got the right contact, this whole year i`ve been called for just 1 day in a set for a corporate video, so i find myself constantly dreaming about not necessarily hollywood but a proper industry, at this point it may even be escapism, and while i know that places like hollywood are far away form being the Utopic place many think it is, many of us cant help but wish we could have a shot there, or in any place with a proper film industry and unions and proper rates and such, and all the things we don't have, i hope i didn't sound too bitter or envious just trying to share my view on these things.

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