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The Goldfinch (2 replies and 1 comment)

Micah Schiff
7 months ago
Micah Schiff 7 months ago

Hi Roger,

What was your favorite part of The Goldfinch that you translated into film. Not asking for spoilers, but if there's anything you can tell us that you specifically loved, I'd love to hear it! Was a big fan of the book and am really looking forward to the release.


Roger Deakins
7 months ago
Roger Deakins 7 months ago

I think the translation of the book to the film is good and I really hope people who loved the book, as I did, will appreciate the film. I don't really have a favorite part but there were a few challenges that I think we pulled off. Other than that i will reserve comment until the film is released.

7 months ago

Not a great fan of Kidman but I am looking forward to this one as it Co stars Master Bernard, he is a stunning little actor and certainly holds my breath. Look forward to its release whenever that will be.

6 months ago
harrywepich9 6 months ago

I think I can't stop watching it again and again. Fantastic work!
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