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Are you sure you want to delete this?

Haha thanks for clarifying sir! Im into hip hop music and a reply from you is like getting replied from my favorite rapper tupac shakur lol , by the way i also watch your blue shuede shoes in the credits i see about 5 or so camera crew and your friend dick pope is one of them right it is the most exciting music documentary i watched so far the dancing and all that more cooler than todays electro music daft punk docs which my age (21) normaly prefer, thank you so much for this forum i believe if all young filmmaker found out your forum they really appreciate your effort sir. The point im trying to make is thank you for inspiring me, i myself graduate from film school and my occupation is obviously amateur films and i will stop posting and return to continue learning from this forum and your future project. Thats it just want to say thank you.

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