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I think it is a big mistake to try to emulate someone's work. I never tried to do that. I have always tended to simplicity in the way I see things. I like reducing a composition to it's essentials, which is pretty much what the team of Bergman/Nykvist did on so many great films. I just like simplicity. Take Tarkovsky/Yusov, Melville/Decae, Goddard/Coutard, Mizoguchi/Miyagawa, Bresson/Burel, Klimov/Rodionov, Ichigawa/Kobayashi and Loach/Menges. There is nothing overly fancy in any of their work together. Contrast this with much of what poses for 'state of the art' film making. That's not to say it is wrong to move the camera or use a dazzling array of colours. I am not saying that but I am saying to be more aware of the 'why' than the 'how'.

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