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Stormy Monday Memories? (1 reply and 1 comment)

2 years ago
DarrenNorthEast 2 years ago

Hi Roger

I’ve just watched Stormy Monday and it was thrilling to see how you’ve captured Newcastle from the scene with Tommy Lee Jones and Sting (Tyne Bridge / red sky) to the shots of the Quayside which I imagine was quite run down in 87. The Quayside has transformed hugely since then and I just wondered if you’ve been back recently and if you have any particular memories that stand out from your time in the city? 



Roger Deakins
2 years ago
Roger Deakins 2 years ago

I've not been back to Newcastle recently but I have some happy memories of that shoot and the city. I am sure I will visit it again before too long but I could say that about any number of great towns and cities in the UK.

2 years ago

Thanks Roger, that’s great to hear! You’d definitely get a pleasant surprise to the transformation from the old Baltic Floor Mill which is now an Art Gallery, one of the best music venues in the UK - The Sage (Sting was there a few weeks ago to workshop the UK production of The Last Ship which is due to kick off in March 2018), the Millenium Bridge and countless new bars, hotels and restaurants.

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