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Skyfall Shangai Blue Light (3 replies and 1 comment)

1 week ago
l3urzz 1 week ago

dear Roger,

How and with what lamp did you get this dark blue light, and how did you achieve NOT spilling it in the apartment across the street where the Bondgirl is standing? I can’t figure out how you did that.
David W
1 week ago
David W 1 week ago

Not Rodger, I read an article about this and it  explained how he employed a very large LED screen that played the animation of the blue jellyfish live while shooting.

If i could add on to this question, was it already in the script that the fight scene would play out in silhouette, or was this your decision on the day of shooting?

Roger Deakins
1 week ago
Roger Deakins 1 week ago

I was using florescent fixtures just laid down on the stage floor. They were set under the Hotel Set piece and so didn't reach into the room but did reach to Daniel in the foreground.

7 days ago

Were the florescent fixtures gelled with CTB or was the camera white balanced for tungsten so they would look so blue?

Roger Deakins
5 days ago
Roger Deakins 5 days ago

They carried blue gels but it wasn't just a regular CTB. I forget exactly what the gel was but it was deeper than a full Blue.

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