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Short story ideas? (1 reply)

4 years ago
rlandry1 4 years ago

Hey everyone!

So I'm wanting to shoot a couple 3-5 minute short films, run and gun style,  and I was wondering if any of you would be willing to help me brainstorm some ideas.

I'm open to any genre, but if you can maybe try to stick to interior settings that would be a plus, but it's not totally necessary.

Any poems or short stories you think would make a good film? Or maybe a really good standalone excerpt from a longer-form piece, like a novella.

Or perhaps issue a challenge, for instance a "title: for a subject". Or perhaps there's a cool painting or photo you think can be turned into a film.

Anything really! Just shoot!

David W
4 years ago
David W 4 years ago

You could write a story where the majority of the story takes place in a car. It can possibly be a mystery where someone is picking up hitchhikers, and perhaps one of the people is a murderer.

Or maybe the setting is a bar, and there is a huge storm of some kind and the characters are all telling stories to pass the time.

Just some ideas to consider.

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