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Searching For bobby Fischer (1 reply and 1 comment)

2 months ago
Vanniyan 2 months ago

Hi master roger i have seen " searching for bobby Fischer" shot by Conrad hall. Hall employed with long lenses. The style of the film is established  heavily utilizes extreme close ups, often tightly framing the characters. In Some scene i am struggling to see images and some scene there was a lots of lights. You also most admire Conrad hall. Could you talk about " searching for bobby Fischer "  cinematography from your point of view. 

1 month ago
James 1 month ago

Roger and I have always admired Connie Hall’s work and we were lucky enough to get to know him well and consider him a good friend. We got to know his work well. In fact, during one long Thanksgiving weekend when we were stuck on a location because it was too far to travel home, we went to the video store (yes, it was a while ago) and got a number of video tapes of “Outer Limits” - an old television show. Connie had shot a lot of these episodes but the credits only came at the end of the show. We had fun watching all the episodes and deciding whether it was one of Connie’s episodes before the end credits came up. And we found we were generally right because there is something special about his lighting.

And now you know how we amuse ourselves

1 month ago

Ah Hah! Tell us more! We are all ‘ears’.

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