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Hello everyone, Roger..

Just spotted the forum and thought I'd signup to share a film given to me by a chap called Alf Bower. He was at NFS with Roger and they worked on this title together, I believe back in 1975(?).»

Synopsis: Paolo Uccello was a poor man, his commissions were few, and few still have survived to this day; his friends and fellow painters despaired of him because of his devotion to the new science of perspective. But through his exercise of his mastery, and the quiet distillation of his love for the art of his childhood, the majestic and timeless Gothic, he achieved a clarity of vision the like of which has never been surpassed.The poem was written by Dick Barker in 1971. Through the figure of Lucifer, his intermediary, the poet traces our passage though the paintings. Alf Bower’s film interpretation was produced at the National Film School in 1975; a wildly imaginative, visually ravishing treatment with a sly line in humour. It was premiered at the NFT on the 500th anniversary of Uccello’s Death (Reel Practices Catalogue, 1981)

Script - Alf Bower from the poem by Dick Barker, Camera and Lighting - Roger Deakins, Sound - Neil Leveson, Editing - Alf Bower, Production - Steve Stevenson, Music - Don Frazer and ‘Waltzer’ (Dirk Higgins), Cast - Philip McGough, George Cormack,

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