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Outer Range & No Country (No replies)

1 month ago
Brant 1 month ago

Hi Roger,

I’m guessing you’ve not seen this series on Prime yet, but it strikes me as nearly a reexamination of some central themes of No Country for Old Men, not to mention some direct visual homage to the film. There’s even a bit of dialogue from Josh Brolin’s character (“Hey yourself”) that is also a clear nod. It’s as though Llewelyn has been given new life in another sort of dimension where he still still struggles with a destiny carved by his imperfections. There are a few aspects of the cinematography which I find appealing, probably because they emulate your own style, and there are other aspects of style which I personally find distracting. (Using ultra shallow DOF in exteriors for example). There’s also arbitrary use (it seems) of varying focal lengths, which is irritating.

Who knows when or if you’ll be able to check it out but I’d be curious to hear your thoughts of the show.

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