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Noticed some subtle references to "Le Doulos" in "No Country for Old Men" (1 reply and 1 comment)

1 week ago
mattritenour 1 week ago


Was Watching Melville's "Le Doulos" last night and in the first couple minutes there's a scene of two characters talking that reminded me of a scene outside a diner in No Country and right after that there's a lamp knocked over which again reminded me of the uplighting on Chigurh.»

I'm not saying this is a direct nod to the film but I think it's interesting that as a cinematographer a lot of times it's hard to express "why" we did something a particular way when it just feels right and perhaps some of that feeling comes from the films we enjoy.

Roger Deakins
7 days ago
Roger Deakins 7 days ago

Maybe, subliminal memories! I will have to look at 'Le Doulos' again to see what I might have stolen!

6 days ago

I think we all subconsciously remember certain elements in any film, great films have many elements that effect us for a life time. If a scene stimulates your emotions then it’s done it’s job imo. ‘Skyfall’ - “Take the bloody shot” scene is very emotive for me,
Due to the clever cutting and camera work, this is cinema at its best! Scenes like these you never forget. Just hope EOL is just as emotive, Colman, Firth and Jones can deliver given the right script. Keep my fingers crossed.

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