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Movies suck (No replies)

5 days ago
jthomsg 5 days ago

Do any of you seriously like going to the movies anymore? I haven’t given my money to a single Hollywood film in two years, and I will completely boycott any American film that is made and produced by liberal socialists. Sadly, a city like Austin, TX has become a mini California with all the psychotic conservative-hating millennials parading around downtown Austin, as they screen their shitty propaganda-ridden filth at SXSW.

American films have become a cancer to the world, that is why the Oscars hit an all-time low in ratings. No one is paying attention to the crazed socialist elite; they do nothing but promote their disdain for President Trump and the MAGA movement. I can’t stand these idiots anymore, they’re all living in their toxic little bubble, thinking their 90 minute garbage is a work of art that will change the world and influence minds. Yeah fucking right. Cinema should die completely, the world would be a better place without it. 


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