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Lighting a Space vs Lighting a Shot (1 reply)

1 week ago
rdq 1 week ago


Sometimes DPs are asked to light a larger space than a specific shot requires to allow for actors to have freedom to move about in any direction without losing light. Have you ever been asked to light a scene in that way? Wondering what your thoughts are on lighting in that style. 

My first thought was that your recent director collaborators don't seem to have that approach to filmmaking. For example the Coen's approach is very pre-thought and storyboard heavy. But Terrance Malick might push for more freedom to have actors move as they wish. Would you ever be interested in working with Terrace Malick? 

Roger Deakins
5 days ago
Roger Deakins 5 days ago

I will always light to give the actors the space they need for the scene. Although the Coen's approach is for very considered shots that doesn't mean that I am not lighting the space first and then adjusting that lighting as and when I need to per shot.

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