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Just saw John Frankenheimer 's The Train yesterday (2 replies)

4 months ago
TWSILK 4 months ago

Wow is all I can say.  A friend of mine is a film collector, so he was doing a private screening of his 35mm print of the film last night.  I am so glad I got to experience it in its original format and see it  how it was meant to be seen.  The print even for its age was very good.  Anyway between all the real practical effects shots having a huge impact, the cinematography was simply amazing and a joy.  Every shot, I just kept eating it up, the way they framed the characters and did long sweeping shots with lots of activities  all around in the background all served a purpose.   They also used found items to frame things which I really enjoyed.  The cinematography didn't take me away from enjoying the story, I just enjoyed seeing something so "fresh" even though it is from 1964.   Brillant camera work by Jean Tournier and Walter Wottitz.    This is an old 16mm behind the scenes special about the film:»


4 months ago
Mike 4 months ago

Very interesting. Pity they wrote off a Debrie 35mm having been squashed by the loco. Debris’s are now worth a fortune.

4 months ago
Canuck 4 months ago

I love "The Train" for its haunting ending of the Nazi commander's speech about art and Burt Lancaster walking away from the dead bodies and strewn paintings ... a great metaphor for war-torn Europe.

My interest in Nazi art plundering was sparked by the great documentary "The Rape of Europa" and I remember sitting painfully through George Clooney's ridiculous "Monuments Men."

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