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Is Kundun banned from streaming? (8 replies and 1 comment)

3 months ago
tedsuo 3 months ago

I tried checking out Kundun today. I discovered it is available... nowhere.

The film is owned by Disney. Have they pulled it as a form of appeasement? Or has this beautiful movie simply fallen through the cracks?

Tragic either way.

Roger Deakins
3 months ago
Roger Deakins 3 months ago

Wow! That I did not know! There was certainly a 'problem' with the release of the film so one can only ..... those damn cracks!


3 months ago
MacKenzie 3 months ago

Those damn cracks!

The Byre
2 months ago
The Byre 2 months ago

The film belongs to Disney and they have ceased all distribution and manufacture of DVDs and BRs.  This was one of the many conditions of being able to open Disneyland in Shanghai.  

There are DVDs and BRs available on eBay.

2 months ago
Frank 2 months ago

Kino Lorber released a Blu-ray of Kundun in North America back in 2019.

2 months ago
tedsuo 2 months ago

Cracked, for sure! 🙂

Al Duffield
2 months ago
Al Duffield 2 months ago

This is actually terrible! Such a shame that it's being hidden away. It was/is currently available to stream on a local tv stations free streaming service here in Australia (SBS on demand).

I guess while we're locked down I can make it a small mission to find a Blu-ray copy somewhere...

The Byre
2 months ago

It'll be expensive.

Ahmad Ali Lewis
2 months ago
Ahmad Ali Lewis 2 months ago

A reminder of how powerful cinema/art can be. 

2 months ago
burningdaylight 2 months ago

As far as I know, there are Blu-Rays available distributed by the german label "Arthaus" that also have the english audio track on them. Should be easy to find on amazon.

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