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How does one acquire technical knowledge of cinematography? (1 reply)

2 months ago
WannaLearn99 2 months ago

Hello there!
I have recently fallen in love with cinema, I am especially fascinated by the visual aspects of film and how the cinematography of one movie to the next can be entirely different but equally effective at creating mood and serving the story. I've decided I want to be a filmmaker myself and I have clear images in my head of what I want to express on screen- but I have no experience in this kind of thing!

I was wondering how one begins to acquire this technical knowledge so they can implement their vision. Are there books that teach this? Am I best off purchasing a camera within my low budget and learning as much about it as I can, and this translates to the cameras used in proper feature films? Do you learn how to light a set in film school? Film lighting seems so alien to me, I don't even know where to begin.


The Byre
2 months ago
The Byre 2 months ago

The answers are yes, yes and yes - and in that order.  There are dozens of books on film but they go out of date most as soon as they are published, so start with the Internet and read everything you can there.  Always have a camera to hand - a cheap DSLR or bridge camera with 4K video from Canon or Panasonic and download DaVinci-Resolve and you have what it takes to take your first steps.  And film school teaches a bit of everything from sound to safety and from colour science to lighting. 

Film is every art form out there rolled into one.  It is story-telling and painting and music and acting and writing and architecture.  

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