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I mean if your parents are wealthy, go to film school so you can get a worthless filmmaking degree and leave with 100k dollars in debt. No one will still hire you based on that alone. There’s a vast network of aspiring filmmakers, everyone wants to be a filmmaker. That’s the problem. And I feel, everyone is being taught to light the same way, only the elder cinematographers who grew up shooting on actual film are the true masters that remain in the industry.

There’s just no hope for the younger filmmakers, they don’t know Jack shit. Has anyone seen movies by John Huston? Movies don’t have to look cool with a bunch of neon lights, they can look plain and simple, like the African Queen or Treasure of the Sierra Madre. The storytelling was strong. The very core basics are what makes strong storytelling. Things are just getting too fancy, because everyone is thinking too big. Look at the films made in the 1940s, they are so much better than the stuff they make now, and they were shot in a studio with no real locations! Interior after interior, studios knew how to control their budgets. ‘My Darling Clementine’ (1946) watch it, and see how it’s done. 

The best films have already been made, it’s why I believe people like me don’t belong in the movie business. Tradition is the enemy of progress; and obviously filmmaking is not what it used to be, it’s heading toward a completely different path, a destructive path driven by greed and with zero regard for the past films created by true greats. Nobody really respects it. Liberals are even targeting “racism”, they even removed Lillian Gish from her old college theater for acting in “Birth of A Nation”.

These are the kind of college teachers you will get; ANTIFA sympathizers who want to censor your freedom of speech. I bet most students are making documentaries about illegal immigrants suffering in the southern border and blaming Trump. When in fact, it was the illegal migrants themselves who were funded to reach the border with the intent to break the law, they brought their own children by traveling thousands of miles to use them in order to make asylum claims. They were already riddled with diseases when they reached the border, and they blame every dying person on Trump. And who funded these caravans? Documentaries don’t investigate this, they’re lopsided, you’ll see them all over Vimeo. Garbage! 


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