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Without knowing you and without knowing what it is that you want to achieve, it is a bit difficult, so I shall make some wild assumptions - you are female, in your 20s, want to become a movie director or cinematographer and I shall further assume that you only speak English and you are a US citizen.  If any of that is not true, I apologise in advance!

Another thing I must mention is that vocational degree courses are everywhere and most of them are rubbish.  For example, in my former field of audio and film scoring, there are possibly ten schools around the World worth attending and only one in the UK (Surrey Tonmeister) but we have nearly 140 universities in the UK offering audio production/music production courses, nearly all of which are pretty much a waste of time and money!

The same applies to film.  There are three absolute top schools providing excellent tuition (NFTS, USC and NYU) and most importantly, are excellent for networking and getting close links to the industry.

There are of course many other first-class schools around the World but they are in French, German, Polish, Czech, etc.

(If you speak French, La Fémis in Paris at about $14k p.a. is a World-class film school and if you speak German Die Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München is also worth considering.)

But there are three outstanding schools that offer courses in English that I hear great things about -

Beijing Film Acadamy at about $14k p.a.

Lodz Film School (Poland) at about $15k p.a.  

FAMU in Prague at around $22k p.a.

All three are in fast-growing markets and I hear that BFA is vast and has many international visiting lecturers, professors and fellows.  

Just remember that even after attending a film school for either graduate or post-graduate education, you will still be at the bottom rung of the ladder.   At some point, you are going to have to attend the school of 'Roll up Your Sleeves and Get Going'  - good luck!

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