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If you look at the budget of a major film production, the costs are incredibly inflated. They should go back to the old days, where everything is made in a studio on a green screen, filming on location and building sets that will be destroyed once the sequences are shot is a complete waste of money. This is what I mean about today’s big budget films, they overpay the actors and pamper them with fame and attention, when audiences don’t care that much about the actors snore. If they’re selling huge explosions and super hero battles, it hardly matters who’s behind the mask. Actors should be paid much less, this isn’t the Golden Era where Clark Gable or Marilyn Monroe was enough to sell a movie, nobody cares. It’s all so laughable how tradition has killed the movies. Anybody who still thinks the way you do will become a thing of the past, a forgotten relic like all those silent film actors who faded away into obscurity.

if cinema doesn’t change, it will completely die out, which wouldn’t be a bad thing if you ask me. What everyone has done in the last 10 years is an embarrassment for o the true art that was made by poets like Bergman, Tarkovsky, and even Wim Wenders. That poetry isn’t there anymore. It’s lost. 

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