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Are you sure you want to delete this?

I've been hearing juvenile rants like that for over 50 years and I just point out that we have been telling complete and non-interactive stories in three acts for thousands of years.
Nobody will go to concerts anymore because of radio. Nobody will go to the theatre because of films. Nobody will go to see films anymore or listen to the radio because of television. Nobody will watch television anymore because of Netflix. Nobody will watch Netflix anymore because of virtual reality. Nobody will want virtual reality because of total reality. Nobody will want total reality because of immersive experience technology.
Well, I've got news for you - radio is more popular than ever. Theatres are full. Music concerts are selling out. And movie houses are still packing them in. The three-act story is in rude health!
As for overpaid and bloated egos - just who are we talking about here? The focus puller? The carpenters? The gaffa? The mic boy? Actors?
Who? Yes, some key players get paid well, but this hardly sounds like any film set I've ever been on!

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