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Forget everything you know about movies, everything is going to change so drastically in the immediate future, that the old methodical way of making films will become absolutely quaint. The current model is outdated, and what will inevitably happen is that films will just become streaming content, without the necessity of releasing them in movie theaters. What you see now, is nothing but tent-poles that studios live or die by, and right now they are dying. It’s only inevitable that we’ll see movies become more interactive with virtual reality; a needed innovation that has not happened. It’s only natural for movies to evolve; as in silent to talkies, from academy ratio to wide vision. But now films are no longer considered competitive against Silicon Valley ; Netflix changed everything. So, what is something Netflix can’t do that will make people excited about big time storytelling? The innovation will have to be drastic.

Of course there is the indie scene; but it’s overrun by millennials who are offended by everything and everyone who don’t share their extremist left-wing views. That includes judges for film competitions, you have to be like them and suck on their ass to be accepted. Sundance, Tribeca, Nichol Fellowship, Austin — all have the same political agenda. 

I believe cinema should be an extremely personal, close-door experience. The way Bergman or Tarkovsky would work, a very small and private creation, it should be a thing of solitude and discovery. But it isn’t that way, film sets are more often than not bloated with egotistical people, annoying people who are overpaid and do nothing for the movie. But then again, who would want to see those films anymore, the world has changed so much with technology. I consider today’s cinema irrelevant, lost in an ocean of so much content.

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