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USC School of Cinematic Arts

NYU Tisch School of the Arts

NFTS London

and my favorite - save your money and pick up a camera and get going!   

The school of 'Roll up Your Sleeves and Get Going' is possibly the most popular school out there and was attended by such luminaries as C.Nolan, Stanley Kubrick, Ethan Coen, Q.Tarantino and Mr.Spielberg himself.   

Here for my money is one of the best 'skinnies' on how to enter the school of RUYSAGG -»

Apart from all that, read everything out there and always think "How did they get that shot?" when watching a movie.

Also ALWAYS remember that to make movies, you must be a people person - making movies is a huge team effort and even a lowly no-budget project will require people.

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