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Everyone’s a filmmaker (1 reply and 1 comment)

joshua gallegos
1 month ago
joshua gallegos 1 month ago

Has anyone noticed how everyone is now a filmmaker? The amount of content that’s out there is absolutely staggering there’s a plethora of online videos, on social media and Streaming networks, and it’s overwhelming how the entire world has changed. I find it painful to trudge over the throng of content that is continuously inflating the world with the same stories that are being retold over and over. There’s so much of it that it has lost all meaning, you only find the “right” content through word of mouth or whoever gives the most “likes”. No one listens to critics (that’s a good thing), but I think the damage is done. I have wrestled with my passion for so long and as the years passed I saw the flame die out day by day, it’s made me miserable and pathetic, but there is still that small spark inside of me that tells me to go for it. The defeating thought of (who will even notice, no one will care, no one listen) takes over. It just doesn’t feel right, maybe I was born in the wrong generation but I feel so many voices are being lost in the madness. It just made me sad again thinking about it how a tik tok video can be viewed millions of times over a fresh voice that is being drowned out by an inflated market. I’m not depressed or anything, but it nags at me day by day how it’s all become so meaningless, things are replaced so quickly there’s no more time to hold on to something.

4 weeks ago
ravikantrai 4 weeks ago

Man, I feel what you say, especially the example of tiktok videos having multiple millions of views. But I also feel like this. For example, even the makers of the film 'Tangerine', who shot it on an iphone, they made a film, and a very enjoyable one at that. I wanted to say that just like the film Tangerine can be realized, so can you do it without letting the flame die. Many days I do feel like you though haha.

Also, getting feedback makes all the difference. Like nowadays that's very possible. This forum, thanks to Roger & James, is such a wonderful thing. No matter what it is you actually wish to do, I feel like if you keep getting constructive criticism/feedback from professionals (not just friends and family hahahaha), that can help you at least keep moving? If cinematography is something that you're passionate about, there's this great forum. If it's editing, there are services that let you submit your work for feedback with some fee. But that's all possible now too. There's always going to be the tiktok videos and gazillions of views they have but then i just accept that there will simply not be the same number of "views" for many many things I personally love to watch. And that's fine because if I think about it, many of the age group of TikTok's audience won't be watching films I feel are the greatest of all times, in the same numbers. And that's fine. It doesn't mean those films are not appreciated or seen or that they've lost their meaning. Not at all. 

Rossana Signorile
4 weeks ago

Even though, I think that some movies NEED to be watched if you want to make great movies. You can't rely on the movies of the latest generation, and I think I can feel when a movie is made without the proper knowledge on the movies that have made history. Because if you look up at Tarantino, he has taken a looot of inspirations from older movies.
AndI am also afraid to have born in the wrong time, but I firmly believe that if you have talent, work on it and care enough, you will be able to make it, even in the wrong generation. Remember that you have gotta do what you like, not what the others will like the most!

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