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Empire of light - Location photos. (3 replies and 3 comments)

2 weeks ago
Mike 2 weeks ago

Selection of film location photos just to ‘wet your appetite’.

Copyright - Kent Media Group.
Max A.
2 weeks ago
Max A. 2 weeks ago

Hello Mike! 

You just anticipate me! lol
In the past weeks, I searched for some news about the film and found some photos and some videos that I would have liked to post here. 

Can't wait to see the result and read Mr. Deakins's impressions and details!!

I wish you a peaceful day.

2 weeks ago

Those 3 videos in question have copyright clearance issues, they are also not very interesting!  Thankyou for your support.

Best regards Mike (The friendly Moderator)

simon m
2 weeks ago
simon m 2 weeks ago

Cheers Mike! Great to see these photos.

2 weeks ago
5 days ago
Rusalen 5 days ago

Hello Mike. I follow James and Roger on all social networks.
James shared about 6 months of filming is over. Maybe it's not for the Empire of Light...
What a strong name exactly for Roger and his team...
Thank you for sharing



4 days ago


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