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Designing 1917 (1 reply)

1 month ago
OliverMilne 1 month ago

Hello Roger,

I saw 1917 last night and thought it was beautifully done.

I wondered how you would execute the single take style and keep it interesting. It definitely had a great rhythm and I loved how you all kept the story moving along, it was really immersive.

I'd love to know what you and Sam Mendes spoke about the most in conceptualising the look of the film, and what was your sort of initial talking point?




Roger Deakins
1 month ago
Roger Deakins 1 month ago

At first it was just talking. What do we want to see at a certain point? How long can we maintain a shot on our actors backs? Do we always need to see what they see? Can we see anything they don't see? Can we leave the characters and see them in a wider shot? What will be the effect of doing that in a one shot film? We swapped lots of questions between us.

After talking we started drawing out some shots, drawing different versions as a talking point. Things just progressed from there to rehearsals and it was these rehearsals that led us to our final decision, just as it would on any other film.

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