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Dear Mr. Deakins:

You have most certainly received enough acclaim and success throughout the world to make this note quite unnecessary...But for whatever it’s worth, I should like to add my praise and gratitude as a fellow admirer of your work.

Your vision through the film images have striked me deeply, there are cinematographers who can transmute the vision of a director into something paramount, you are one of them, i can instantly recognize your "magic touch" wether you work with the Brothers, Dennis or Angelina, or other acclaimed filmmakers working today. I can fairly say your images are a living entity in the screen, some people might say they are the central protagonist, beyond that, allow me to say you are unsurpassed by anyone in the creation of mood and atmosphere. I wish you good health and the best of lucks so the world can continue to see your amazing work.

In an obvious curiosity (which might have been answered before):

Which are the films and books that have striked a tear in your heart and soul? i am talking of the ones who suddenly appear in your conscience like an apparition...


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