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Mr. Deakins:

This is an excerpt from a recent interview with Werner Herzog about his online filmmaking course MasterClass:

You’ve said that reading is important to your filmmaking.

Yes, in MasterClass there are certain required books, and none of them have to do with filmmaking. They’re about poetry, they’re about watching peregrine falcons, they’re about all sorts of literature – that’s what is missing. People who do not read enough and it’s remarkable. All the real, real significant filmmakers nowadays all read voraciously. [Francis Ford] Coppola, Errol Morris, Joshua Oppenheimer, you just name them, Terrence Malick, everyone.

What are you reading these days?

Well I would say The Peregrine is something I go back to daily, and I’m reading some obscure historiographers of Greek antiquity. I just advise don’t worry what I am reading, just be curious and read -- not just tweets.


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