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Congratulations, Roger! (6 replies)

10 months ago
dmullenasc 10 months ago

Fantastic work on "Blade Runner 2049"!  And thanks for all the years of advice, privately and publicly -- your generosity is well-appreciated by all.


9 months ago
Hans 9 months ago

After 13 nominations you can finally say "me too"!

9 months ago
heiner 9 months ago

It is well deserved, and: David Mullen is absolutely right, thank you very much Roger! You great man. CONGRATULATIONS.

9 months ago
RyanMackfall 9 months ago

Well done Roger! You've represented the SW of England well and your speech was extremely touching. Thanks for keeping that air of humbleness and integrity in all your approaches over the years, it's inspiring to people looking ahead to a life in film.

Enjoy a well deserved break fishing when you can! 

9 months ago
gricholopez 9 months ago

A big big congrats on your one of many recent achievements. Keep making beautiful images Roger. I will be there some day too. 

9 months ago
CameraChris 9 months ago

Congratulations & all the best for you, Roger! Thank you for years of invaluable advice and your incredibly humble manner. I wish you many many more wonderful projects to come.

9 months ago
Henk 9 months ago

Congratulations mr Deakins! Fabulous work!

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