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BR 2049 camera over the San Diego set (2 replies)

6 months ago
andymw 6 months ago

Hi Roger, apologies if this has been asked. I noticed in the scene when Luv is firing missiles, the camera acts as the perspective of Luv's drone above that glides overhead, and zooms in to K. The camera is clearly moving, but I noticed how the camera position responds to Luv's commands "20 deg east, further, etc" with a slight jerk in speed right after her command before slightly slowing down, as if mechanical, but very smoothly.
This was surely an intended effect, and is very effective.
Was this shot in-camera from a drone or aerial unit above the San Diego waste set? If so, was the speed of the camera movement (the smooth jerkiness) programmed or manual?
6 months ago
rlandry1 6 months ago

I would think there is the possibility of it being achieved in post also, right? 

Roger Deakins
6 months ago
Roger Deakins 6 months ago

Yes. The shot was made using a drone but the small shifts were added in post.

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