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I think that's exactly how movies will change, because in this day and age everyone is so obsessed with themselves, they have their own little social media apps where they voice their opinions, people want to feel important. And with the emerging VR technology, placing the viewer as an interactive player in the film would heighten their experience. Imagine there is a VR horror film, and the viewer is one of the teen kids going on a camping trip, and as the cliche goes some demented serial killer begins to hunt them down. The decision this certain person makes will inevitably affect the outcome of the story, whether he lives or dies, or whether he is able to help his friends or not. I just realized the potential of VR films will place the viewer as their own movie star. 

The way films are now, people don't have much of an excuse to go out and watch a movie. I mean everyone has their flat screen television with 4k resolution, you can get theater sound from Best Buy, buy a comfortable barcalounger and put some pop corn in the microwave and you have the same experience that you would have in a cinemark theater. Maybe this VR technology will revolutionize movies the way talkies made some filmmakers and actors obsolete. Someone out there will invest in this, I think Megan Ellison invested in this VR stuff. Just a crazy thought, since we're talking about 3-D. 

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