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Blade Runner 2049: 2D or 3D? (23 replies and 7 comments)

2 years ago
DanBull 2 years ago

Howdy all. 

Is it best to see Roger's latest long awaited sci-fi in 2D or 3D? My instinct was 3D, until I learned that Roger said he wasn't going to shoot in 3D, ergo it has been converted to 3D purely in post? If this is the case I would prefer to watch it 2D. 

Thoughts please. 


2 years ago
Zippy 2 years ago

Dolby Cinema is the best expierence to watch Blade Runner 2049:


-Perfect black levels

-Dolby Vision HDR (this film is so colorful, this will be stunning)
-Dolby Atmos for the finishing touche.

I don't like 3D either:

-2K deliveries

-Less brightness

-Most 3D movies have DNR applied (wax effect)


I don't like (lie) IMAX as well:

-95% 2K deliveries

-Fake DMR process by IMAX


Roger Deakins
2 years ago
Roger Deakins 2 years ago

We shot the film in 2D and in a wide screen format.

2 years ago

Thanks Roger. I shall see it first in 2D, then perhaps go to a 3D screening out of curiosity.
Thanks for your reply, love your work.

2 years ago
andymw 2 years ago

I personally had the opposite instinct. Yeah, Roger's stated he's been involved in the conversion, though it's ultimately our own personal decision. Don't know if the following link here helps?

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