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Blade Runner 2049: 2D or 3D? (23 replies and 7 comments)

2 years ago
DanBull 2 years ago

Howdy all. 

Is it best to see Roger's latest long awaited sci-fi in 2D or 3D? My instinct was 3D, until I learned that Roger said he wasn't going to shoot in 3D, ergo it has been converted to 3D purely in post? If this is the case I would prefer to watch it 2D. 

Thoughts please. 


3 months ago
cdhpl 3 months ago

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2 years ago
HagridsMomma 2 years ago

Would it be possible, Mr. Deakins, if you could briefly explain why you prefer the widescreen version to the IMAX?

2 years ago
Kaonashi 2 years ago

I saw it at a sort of "copy of IMAX" called "MAXX" that is used by an Irish cinema company called Omniplex (My local cinema). It’s considerably smaller than IMAX and only does 2D. I didn’t know going in whether it would be the 1.90:1 or the 2.35:1 version but it was the latter. While it was never too obtrusive I would have much preferred to see the widescreen version since it is what the film was originally framed at and the original 1982 film, too. I don’t know how much of it was vertically expanded or how much was horizontally cropped but looking at some of the trailers I’m guessing it was a bit of both.

I find it strange how a film can be presented and distributed with two quite different aspect ratios and be expected to be the same, since the framing is such an important part of film making, won’t all the scenes feel somewhat different?

What's worse is that the screens at my local cinema aren’t particularly impressive at all. They’re not particularly bright, but most annoying is all the dirt and grime on both the screen and the projector lens that after years they have never cleaned off. It just leaves these stationary grimy spots that make all the scenes with camera movement over colours like white look awful. Blacks aren’t that great either when I go to watch it, it’s clear that they just look dark grey, and the curved screen is a bit strange. What really annoyed be about the screening was how since it was the last screening of the day they switched off the speakers and the projector mid-credits, when I always watch a film to the end of the credits in the cinema or at home. It was so abrupt and in the middle of the music that it was just rather frustrating (That and the fact that the lights were on the whole time).

It'd be great if I could see it again in widescreen this time, but I don’t know where I’d see it since the other screens at the cinema have been even worse and filthier (when I went to see Wonder Woman there was a thin black line down the centre of the screen).

I'd actually love to see any film in Dolby Cinema, however to get to one I’d need to fly there by plane.

2 years ago
DarrenNorthEast 2 years ago

Just got back from an IMAX 3D screening at the Metrocentre, Gateshead and I look forward to going back next week for a 2D showing. I made the mistake of taking my glasses off for a brief moment and it makes you realise how much brightness you lose.

The film looks fantastic and it was an absolute pleasure to take in every frame. Thanks for magnificent work you do Roger, it really makes going to cinema extra special.



2 years ago
Zippy 2 years ago

Filmmaker: You’ve always been a cinematographer who finds tools that work and then sticks with them. You’ve been using the same Power Pod remote head to operate for 25 years and you’ve used ARRI Zeiss Master Primes and some version of the ARRI Alexa for all of your digital features. Have you tested the Alexa 65 yet?

Deakins: I’ve shot tests on the 65, but Denis and I were really quite happy with the feel of Sicario, so we decided to go with (the Alexa XT again). The 65 is great, but it’s almost too sharp and it’s so much data. We actually had a few Alexa Minis as well. We used them quite a bit.»

2 years ago
Vfrancis 2 years ago

Hi Roger, 

I know you've said that your preferred version is the 2D wide-screen but after seeing the iMAX 3D version last night, 2049 has the best use of the medium I have ever seen (i've seen a lot of 3D). The masterful way it is handled, especially for a conversion has to be applauded. How much involvement did you have in the creative process of the conversion, or was it mainly driven by Denis? The sense of depth within the world that was created blew me away, and whilst the lumens is lowered due to the glasses, it allowed certain elements to shine that I think would be lost in 2D, particularly with the character Joi and her scenes. The way the light bounces through and off her translucent form (seeing the back of dress, the lights on the wall and then the street behind actually through her) is stunningly realised. And the scene with Joi, K and Mariette just wouldn't of been as transcendent without the extra dimension IMO. You and the team have shown how 3D should be handled. Thank you.

2 years ago

Watch in 2D or 3D?

having a hard time deciding - might have to watch both 

I don't like 3D conversions but the extra 25% of looking room is a draw card

Just curious - this is such an epic film for everyone - Can i ask Roger why u didn't shoot in on Alexa 65mm? Were u not tempted to shoot it on the largest format possible?

I saw IT on IMAX and was a horrible experience

Dunkirk (film print) was the best film experience I've ever had


2 years ago
ALF20 2 years ago

I saw the movie in standard 2D , and IMAX 3D

Too bad i couldn't find an IMAX 2D version , it would be the best !
(3D was not too bad... but well, i still don't like having to sacrifice image sharpness and lightning)

2 years ago
DVDfever 2 years ago

Sorry to ask this again, but can Roger or someone else please let me know about my above query re: end credits and IMAX? I might be seeing this tomorrow (Thurs), albeit not in IMAX at this point, so would really appreciate some input on it. Thanks.

2 years ago
Zippy 2 years ago

It would be cool if the upcoming 4K UHD Blu-ray of Blade Runner 2049, would come with Dolby Vision HDR as well, instead of using only HDR10. 

If there are no such plans yet, U and Denis should team up, and push the studios to use Dolby Vision as well. It seems Warner Bros will handle the (4K) Blu-ray release for US/CA. Rest of the World Sony Pictures. 


Roger Deakins
2 years ago
Roger Deakins 2 years ago

I hope so too.

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