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Bella Tarr (3 replies)

3 years ago
B 3 years ago

Wondering if you have any thoughts on Bella Tarr. Are you a fan of his?

3 years ago
standucci 3 years ago

I'm interested to know Roger's take on his work too. I've seen The Man From London and parts of Satantango. I find his work, especially his long master shots, fascinating. Bela's camera movement plays an integral part in his narrative but I find it distracting, I find myself being sidetracked by his framing and movement rather then paying attention to the scene. 

8 months ago
(unknown) 8 months ago

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4 weeks ago
SamaraBeahan 4 weeks ago

Bella Tarr was very interesting before but now it is really irritating because they are not sharing anything new. The excellent essayswriting» work of Roger was used to eye catching before but they suddenly have stopped sharing something interesting now.

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