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Dan Keeble
1 week ago
Dan Keeble 1 week ago

Have just seen this incredible short film (it was uploaded the other day). It has lots of film festival laurels...and noticed a win for the Roger Deakins Award at the Plymouth Film Festival.»

It took 1.5 years to make, and worth watching if you have the time. 

Roger Deakins
1 week ago
Roger Deakins 1 week ago

Yes, I have been a judge of the short films at the Plymouth Film Festival for a couple of years. I though this one was a particularly brilliant piece of film making although there were many others that would put many big budget features to shame.

tom hines57
1 week ago
tom hines57 1 week ago

Really nice short. It reminds me of a Chris Milk film. A few years back a NZ Vodka company asked a number of film makers to make a series of shorts. Non of which were related to Vodka.»

Here is a link to all the films:»

7 days ago
jthomsg 7 days ago

I didn't enjoy that particular short film quite as much, so many people die before their time, and you certainly don't have to "grow old" to feel such things, now more than ever younger adults can feel time ticking life away, which is why there are so many depressed people, and commercials that offer remedies to suppress such emotions. I prefer a story like 'Umberto D.' where the world outgrows you, the hopelessness of being useless in a changed world. In this short, it was just too narrow of "how life goes"... 

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