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Another Hollywood Great Dies. (1 reply)

1 week ago
Mike 1 week ago

Rhonda Fleming the Hollywood legend dies at 98.

I wouldn’t normally mention this actress but this lady has appeared with nearly every leading man even going back to Al Jolson. I can’t really say that her acting was stunning or above average but she had something that made your knees tremble. Maybe it was her cheek bones, her smile, her eyes but she photographed so well. She was a photographers dream, she had it all. Every now and then one comes along and just melts your cameras lens, I don’t know what it is called but perhaps it is sex appeal, Hollywood just loved her.

Have a look at the photo, What is she saying to you?
The Byre
1 week ago
The Byre 1 week ago

What is she saying to me?  "Stop that or you'll go blind, I tell you!"

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