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I don't have any objection to any particular color so it is hard to reply to any of your questions.

I find a number of activities 'fascinating'. Take driving a car, for instance. Does it make any sense that humans, animals that are only a little removed from monkeys, move around in tin cans with wheels on them using energy we dig out of the ground? Any number of things look ridiculous if you look at them from a different perspective but seem normal in our day to day lives. Playing golf would be another one. Manchester United this season would also be one! I mean, the money they spend! But none of this has anything to do with cinematography, just life.

I watched the Apollo 11 documentary last night. I remember watching the landing live and the film brought back memories of the excitement of that time. '1969' - the moon landing, 'Army of Shadows', 'The Wild Bunch', 'Z' Woodstock, the Isle of White festival and the first troops withdrawn from Vietnam. Fascinating and none of it is normal!

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