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1917, O Brother, Where Art Thou? & The Odyssey (1 reply)

4 weeks ago
CCC 4 weeks ago

Mr. Deakins,

Congratulations on 1917, a truly remarkable film.

I’ve been wondering: after O Brother, Where Art Thou?, is 1917 your second movie inspired by The Odyssey?

- The soldier’s song being the sirens, diverting the character from his path.
- The crumbling scene can be seen as the inferno.
- The French woman can be seen as Calypso, attempting to keep Schofield in the cave with her.
- The search for the brother can be seen as a transposition of the Telemachy.
- The planes refer to Aeolus, the waterfall to Nausicaa…
- Colonel MacKenzie can be seen as the Cyclop, with his blind will to launch the assault.
- There’s also the Edward Lear’s “The Jumblies” poem about a journey recited at the beginning of the mission.
- There’s also a dead dog in The Odyssey.

Was it something intended? Did you talk about that with Sam Mendes?
I’d love to hear your views about this.

Thank you.


David W
3 weeks ago
David W 3 weeks ago

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