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1917 Behind The Scenes - The Evil Sun and Shrimp Puddles (No replies)

Shyam Ediriweera
3 months ago
Shyam Ediriweera 3 months ago

Hi Roger and Forum Friends,

I just came across a superb article in Vulture about behind the scenes on the making of 1917. I'm sure many of you have already read this, but I'm posting a link below in case others haven't yet come across it:»

There's a great section about the immense pressure on Roger to decide whether to shoot or not depending on cloud cover: "A small cloud would come across the sky, and I was the one that had to say whether it was long enough or not"!!

Also, about the incredible care and precision that went into making this extraordinary film - not only in terms of the filming process, but also about aspects that are not often reported, such as the respect and care for the flora and fauna of the location- the Location Manager Emma Pill describes how they cordoned off areas to protect a rare shrimp that breeds in puddles made by tank tread on Salisbury Plains, and waited for weeks under the auspices of an ornithologist for some swallows and wagtails to unhurriedly leave the nests that they'd built in the barn set before striking it.

A very fascinating and heartening read!


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