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No Country for Old Men – Paramount Vantage



Our giveaway for February has been drawn. A DVD of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN will be sent to each of the three winners. Your names are listed below. Please be sure to write to me with your mailing address and let me know if you want us to take the plastic off and sign the boxes. Congratulations!

And, just for fun, there’s also a link below to a video of Roger and myself drawing the names. Click here for the drawing video.

The winners are:
Max P Thuesen
Michael Frazier
Michael Bartell

Email me at webmaster @

April’s giveaway is something different and fun! It’s a patch with velcro on the back so it can be put on cases or other on set gear. It was created by Graham Robbins. On the patch (pictured below) you’ll see Roger and the letters “WWDD” – which stands for “What would Deakins do?”. I’m not sure how many I’ll have in the end for the giveaway but I’m hoping quite a few. There will be a special topic area to sign up for this giveaway in the “Website Chatter” forum.

What would Deakins Do?

What would Deakins do?