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What kind of film would you shoot in 2:1 aspect ratio? (No replies)

1 month ago
codydalton 1 month ago

Hello Roger and forum folks. I think the aspect ratios of Sicario, Prisoners, and Blade Runner 2049 were perfect for those stories.

Prisoners was more character focused and the taller 1:85 frame made sense for that. Sicario and Blade Runner had more to do with the setting and so 2:39 worked perfectly for those.

I've noticed more filmmakers are using 2:1 for their movies and I was wondering, what type of film would be good for that aspect ratio? Maybe one where you were balancing character against setting?

Movies like Hereditary and Midsommer make good use of that aspect ratio but I've noticed some films that are more character focused still stick with 2:39 like Get Out.

Would you be opposed to using a 2:1 format and what type of story would it need to be for you to explore that? Or would it just be the director influencing it?

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