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What does "cinematic" mean to you? (1 reply)

1 month ago
ravikantrai 1 month ago

Hi Roger! I was wondering what to you, makes something 'cinematic'? I hear this word thrown around so often, even by some DPs that I thought I should ask if it means anything at all to you. 

It seems sort of vague to me, at least not something you can pinpoint and say yeah this is cinematic. It feels like it depends on a lot of factors and to specific films and scenes themselves too. Like, is 180 degree shutter and 24fps cinematic? (I know that deviation from these feels like it isn't, to me at least). Or is it that, plus the combination of lighting, production design, camera angles, movements?

Roger Deakins
4 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 4 weeks ago

I guess it is a feeling! Its certainly not specific to a frame rate or any technical aspect of film making.

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