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Visual Language, Structure and Composition (1 reply)

7 months ago
dipi 7 months ago

Hi Roger,

What is the approach when you construct a scene. How do you decide on the visual language/ structure of a scene. Do you visualise it on your mind's screen before starting the scene. OR does it have anything to do with previous/ upcoming scenes in the movie? or Do you work intuitively and it falls right?


Thank you in advance.


Roger Deakins
6 months ago
Roger Deakins 6 months ago

All of the above. Yes, I generally have something in mind before I talk with the director but I am waiting to understand what they have in mind before adding my thoughts. Of course, we consider what scenes come before and after the one we are concentrating on. No scene can stand in isolation from the rest of the film just as every shot or lighting decision impacts the whole. After prep and our general we have rehearsals and what we then do becomes more intuitive.

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