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I have watched this short 3 times and thought that it was rather good imo. The acting was very good, the script was sort of funny and had its moments. There were some “glitches” concerning continuity which produced a ‘hyatus’ between shots, this can be cured when rehearsing, makes sure you have more than enough shots of a scene, by that I mean overrun the shots by repeating the scene over and over and changing camera positions each time so the editor has enough footage to cut to the next shot. It must be a smooth interlaced cut. When you do this you must keep the energy going between each scene otherwise the audience will lose concentration and switch off. The second problem I have is the recording of the dialogue, it sounds like 20 dB has been knocked off to solve the problem of passing traffic, now you could have solved this by recording a  ‘Room tone’ track to lay down behind the dialogue, also you may have been using radio mics together with a boom mic again to reduce the traffic noise, the levelling was unbalanced. This is common with many Indian film shorts, perhaps there is some influence here.

This short was well rehearsed, well written imo but one of the actors was not convinced about his characters role and probably over played it in some scenes but the bearded actor was exceptionally good in most scenes, obviously he was a Jack Nicholson fan! The Champagne cork popping scene was not necessary in this short and some female viewers may have found it offensive, it could have been done less obviously and let the audience decide for themselves. It did not enhance the story. Camera work, I thought was very good but there were too many ‘push in’s’ and some were not really needed. 

This was a well thought out and certainly well rehearsed short film. Props too were very good and the camera was always there to highlight their use. There were a a couple of camera angles which needed fine tuning but overall a really good short film with a superb ‘punchy’ ending. Btw, lovely music track too.

This is only my opinion but I did enjoy watching it.



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