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The process of choosing lenses (3 replies)

4 weeks ago
holvikallio 4 weeks ago

Good day Mr. Deakins,

I’m a cinematography student writing my thesis about the importance of lens choice.  I'm working as a lens technician in a rental house and very intrigued about how cinematographers end up with the lenses they want to work with. I would appreciate immensely if you took the time to tell me a bit about your process.

When you take on a new project, do you like to narrow down the focal lengths you are going to use? Where do you start to narrow it down? Does the director usually have strong opinions about focal length or is it usually more up to the DOP?


Do you usually know what lenses you are going to use right away or do you test different lenses for every project?


When testing out a set of lenses, how do you make acquaintance with new  lenses? What are your test methods?


Do you ever make test shots with actors and actresses to find a suitable focal length? (For example find one that complements their facial structure?)


What have been your favourite lenses during the years and why?


Roger Deakins
3 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 3 weeks ago

Instinct. Yes, I will consider a film and the range of focal lengths I might use but it is instinct that guides me. I am shooting a film now and predominantly using a 35mm, 40mm and a 50mm. Not exclusively though. I have been as wide as an 18mm and as short as a 250mm depending on the effect I am after.

As far a which lens types I use, that is a fixed. I have been using Arri Master Primes since they first came out and will continue with them until I see something either cleaner, sharper or faster.

1 day ago
Antoniacuumins 1 day ago

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22 hours ago 22 hours ago

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