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POV Shot - out of focus or slightly soft focus (2 replies)

Jenny Toch
3 days ago
Jenny Toch 3 days ago

I'm currently working on a student film that deals with the relationship between a mother and son. Essentially, the mother isn't paying attention to the son and seeing that he has a problem. I want to set a POV shot from the mother's perspective (when they are sitting opposite of each other) where the son is out of focus or has a soft focus. Would this help convey the story or would it appear to be amateur?

Would love to hear from you. Thank you.

3 days ago
dmullenasc 3 days ago

Wouldn’t a POV from the mother’s perspective imply she was looking at him and thus paying attention to him? Seems odd to suggest she’s looking right at him but he’s out-of-focus unless her attention is actually on some object in a different plane of focus, like a TV in the far background or a magazine in the near foreground.

1 day ago
Mike 1 day ago

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