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Ode To Skyfall. Hello, Pace Waltz (No replies)

1 month ago
EchoPark 1 month ago

A year ago we finished filming Pace Waltz, a short film. Pace Waltz has a lot of similarities to James Bond, obviously. But most importantly the director really liked Mr. Deakins cinematography. While the budget for the short meant a very quick film shoot, the teaser ended up being relatively okay-It did help trying to replicate the Skyfall.

The biggest thing we noticed in post was the lack of usable wide angles. We think some of Mr. Deakins best shots are wide angles. For cinematographers, is that a known issue?  Is setup for wide angles more time consuming? Are they harder to get right?

Luckily Pace Waltz is gaining some traction and should see a decent feature film in the future. But until then the team is always trying to learn!»

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