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Hello Roger, or anyone else that can help answer this question. A few of us were discussing on reddit, and couldn't find an answer anywhere, so I thought this might be a good place to turn to. 


IMAX announced that BR2049 was going to be specially formatted at 1.90:1 for IMAX.» But they did not announce if that only applied to the full size IMAX screens that have the ability to play the 70MM IMAX printed film version (which is looks like exists based on the IMDB tech specs page») or also to the IMAX digital versions that play on the smaller IMAX screens (often derisively called LieMAX). 


Due to travel and other circumstances, I'm going to finally to see the film at  this weekend, but the best screen near where I will be is a smaller IMAX location. None of us were able to find any hard information as to whether this means it will be presented at the 1.90:1 ratio or not. 


Does anyone know if 1.90:1 is the format for all IMAX screenings? Or is that only on film at the larger screens.


Thank you! 


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